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Dhaka College is one of Bangladesh's most important as well as these earliest higher-secondary educational institutions. It was established by James Taylor (civil surgeon at Dhaka) in July 1835 as an English Seminary School (at present Dhaka Collegiate School). Taylor organized a local Committee of Public Instruction with the help of district magistrate Mr. Grant. The school building was built partly out of public donations on the grounds of an English factory. On July 18, 1841, the school got their approval of the college. On November 20, 1841, the foundation stone of the college was placed and buildings were completed in 1846, with the aid of the Bishop of Calcutta. In the first graduating class there were both Muslim and Hindu students, as well as a number of foreign students, mainly from Armenia and Portugal.

The college was relocated in 1873 to a large building to the east of Victoria Park in order to accommodate the physics and chemistry laboratories. In 1908, it shifted to Curzon Hall while the science departments were housed in the present chemistry building of the University of Dhaka and two new halls were built there as well. In 1921, the college shifted again to the old High Court Building as University of Dhaka was established there. During the Second World War it moved to Siddique Bazar in purana Dhaka. Finally the college found its own permanent campus on Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi near Dhaka New Market since 1955.

Serial Number Name Designation Contact
1 তাউহীদুর রহমান শিক্ষক
2 মাজহারুল ইসলাম সহকারী শিক্ষক
3 মাহবুবুর রহমান প্রধান শিক্ষক None
Serial Number Name Departments Contact
Serial Number Name Departments Contact
Dr. Khalid Hussain Shura convener 01817005507
All rules and regulations prior to the date of formulation and approval, 29th Zilqad, 1369 AH have been repealed.

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Income From Subscription 6,26,85,096

Total= 8,11,75,000/-